Was unsere Gäste sagen

Wunderschöne Insel. Obwohl wir schon etliche Inseln besucht haben, ist das doch eine der schönste.Rosemarie from Switzerland 

Thanks to everyone on Bird for another gorgeous holiday. We loved every minute of it and will miss you until the next time. Lots of thanks for everything thing.
The Bristol Family Seychelles 

Bless this wonderful place and all who work to protect its wild birds, animals, plants and beauty. Courage to stand against those who would destroy it through greed, carelessness or intent. We will remember you when we are far away.
G. Lewis Wales We have traveled many places, but this is for sure one not to be missed- a lovely team of people to keep it special and welcoming and so beautiful. I shall remember my 72nd birthday with much pleasure. Bravo pour la protection de la nature, des tortues, des oiseaux, pour la cuisine. Pas de téléphone, pas de TV, pas de clim. C’est très bien.
Cathy Réunion Island France.

J’ai passé 2 nuits exceptionnels à Bird. C’était GENIAL. J’ai pu voir des tortues pondre, j’ai fait de la plongée. Une île paradisiaque. Un immense bravo aux cuisiniers et aux staff.
Inès L. France 

Abbiamo relizzato un sogno in questo particolare data.. l’Isola degli Uccelli e magica com oil nostro grande amore.
Paola e Giorgio Italy.

Had a wonderful time after 30 years. The island is as beautiful as ever with its wonderful beaches. Staff very welcoming and gentle. The impression of Bird is always authentic and paradisiaque.
Rita & Marc R. from Paris France

Beautiful place. Unforgettable experience. Likely to come again.
Charles and Maureen E. from Mahe Seychelles

We are in paradise and still alive. Thank you for a great stay. Swimming with the turtles. Something I will never forget. Thank you.
Alastair & Jasmine from Dundee ScotlandAn awesome experience. The birds were amazing as well as the staff.  
Collin & Carol Y. from Cape Town SAThank you so much for organizing our wonderful wedding. We’ll keep this moment on Bird in our mind and the island in our hearts.
Hendrick & Anne B. from Heidelberg Germany

Bird island ist einfach ein Traum. Genau das Richtige, um Ruhe zu finden.
Regina from Germany 

Thank you for everything. A holiday in paradise. Nature was kind and the food exquisite. Service was very friendly and simply great.
Anna Paola & Michael from Koenig Switzerland

Beautiful: Great to be so close to nature, turtles and birds. A place, unique in the world.
Veronica & Cristina C.M from Lecco Italy

The magic of Bird Island cannot be told, you have to live it. We’ve been very fortunate to visit one of the most beautiful islands of the world.
Lavizzari and Mauri from Italy

If we can all take your island as an example, our planet would be less in danger.
G. Leroy from France

Premier séjour aux Seychelles et donc premier séjour a Bird. Juste 2 jours, mais quelle merveille ! Nager avec les tortues, voir une tortue pondre, observer les oiseaux un vraie bonheur. Mon séjour au paradis se termine ce soir, mais je repars avec les images plein les yeux.
Milly from France

Thank you for making this place even more special.
Philippe and Sophie from Switzerland

If I have to have a 50th birthday, I would rather have had it here than anywhere else. Thank you for all your kindness and hospitality of the Bird Island staff.
Sandy and Norman. South Africa

Una settimana da sogno. Finalmente un luogo dove la Natura e regina incontrasta.
Cesare e Tiziana Italy

Je suis peut etre la premiere Peruvienne a te connaitre. J’emporterai avec moi un souvenir de toi au plus profond de mon coeur, encre et inefacable. Bird, tu es magique et fascinante. Tu existes surement depuis des milliers d’annees et j’esperes que tu demeureras aussi encore autant de temps.
Xiomara et Serge France

Here for 2 days as part of our honeymoon and loved every minute of it. A very special place and my definition for paradise. Incredible wildlife, beautiful beaches, delicious food and very lovely staff. A special thank you for Robbie for being so friendly and knowledgeable. We will always remember Bird. Please preserve Bird Island so the future generations can enjoy what we have.
Imagen and Ben Bournemouth UK

Wunderbare Natureindrücke und zum Nichtstun sehr geeignet.
Bernhard from GermanyUn luogo maraviglioso indementicabile come il mio viaggio di nozze.
Donatella and Claudio Italy